Admissions Process

Interviews and registration:

With the aim of learning about the academic offer and visiting the facilities, we invite the families to a personal interview.

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In accordance with the Department of Education, if you would like to pre-register your children, please submit the following documentation to the Secretary:

Basic documentation for all pupils (P1 - 2nd Grade Higher Secondary)

a) Family record for internal use including the personal and family data of the pupil plus 2 passport photos of the pupil and 1 each of the father and the mother.

b) Two photocopies of the DNI (National Identification Number) of the pupil (compulsory as from 14 years old) and a photocopy of the DNIs of both father and mother.

c) A photocopy of the family register (every printed page must be photocopied as from the first one) with two photocopies of the page on which the pupil appears.

d) One photocopy of the vaccination card or medical certificate. This does not have to be an official record unless the pupil is exempt from physical education for the whole year.

e) Photocopy of the grades and reports from the previous school.

f) Bank and school services form. On the official registration days, the bank details will be submitted to the School Administration to set up the direct debit of the bank receipts for the services selected: half board, bus, etc.

g) Authorisation form and letter of educational commitment.

P3 to 4th Grade ESO pupils

In addition to the basic documentation, they will also have to provide the following:

a) Official pre-registration form

The official pre-registration, provided by the School, has to be submitted for P3 to 4th Grade ESO. Pupils are required to accept the conditions stipulated by the Department of Education.

Higher Secondary pupils

In addition to the basic documentation, they will have to provide:

a) High School Diploma

At the end of June, 1st and 2nd year Higher Secondary pupils are required to submit the grades obtained in their 4th Grade ESO together with a photocopy of the application for their High School Diploma.

b) Study format selection form

The pupil has to choose the study format corresponding to the 1st and 2nd years of Higher Secondary. If, for duly justified reasons, either the format or language of the 2nd year Higher Secondary has to be changed, an application has to be made to the Department of Education.

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