IMG 20160210 WA0002We believe that the families should be completely integrated into the School. This is fundamental as without them, we cannot fully implement our educational project. The close collaboration between families and the School allows us to successfully address the challenges posed by today's society towards the educational mission of parents. Our pupils – their children - will be the primary beneficiaries of a synthesis of thought, word, advice and example between their parents and the School.




Public classes: The parents of our families attend as spectators to see how we apply our pedagogical system. This takes place during the Pre-School years (P3 and P5) and Primary Education (2nd, 4th and 6th Grade).

Presentation classes: 2nd and 4th Grade Secondary pupils present what they have learned during the year to their parents.

Father's Day: This is one of the most important days at our school. The fathers of Pre-School pupils take part in different activities prepared by their children.

Mother's Day: This is one of the days that Pre-school pupils most look forward to. Mothers and their children take part in different activities together.

Grandparents' Day: This is the sweetest day at the school as the grandparents take part in a cake-making competition. The most original, sweetest and tastiest cakes are judged. The pupils prepare different activities for the grandparents and end up having the cakes for tea.

Family Day: On this day, families can enjoy the school's facilities and the different activities that make the pupil feel proud of their school.

Festivals: At Christmas and at the end of the year, Pre-School and Primary pupils take part in the corresponding festivals.


Our school is always open to the Former Pupils. We would like them to visit us, to tell us how they are, share their plans for the future, ask us for advice... Being a RMSI pupil is a stage of life and to be part of the RMSI Family is forever.

For this reason we not only like to keep in touch with them through the social networks but also invite them to festive and recreational events at the school. It is our way of saying thank you for the time they spent with us.

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