The team of teachers and the academic and non-academic personnel form an essential part of the formation of our pupils. This is why we undertake certain activities to improve the relationship between pupil and their formation:

Teachers' Day: This day aims to achieve a better relationship between the teachers and pupils and gives the pupils the chance to thank their teachers for their dedication. The pupils can give their teachers a “hand-made gift" made at home by themselves or with their family.

Lifelong education: Our teachers receive training related to their educational and formative task.

Native and/or bilingual teachers: All teachers that undertake any course in any language are native speakers or bilingual so as to achieve academic excellence.


Each grade in Primary Education has a blog where teachers publish information about the projects and activities they are working on. It is a communication tool with both students and parents. It can be accessed trough the following links and with the corresponding password (if you don't have the password ask your tutor or the coordinator).


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