Our educational centre aims to form integrated men and women. And sport is an essential medium to achieve this. At the Reial Monestir de Santa Isabel School we teach them to work as a team and compete on a healthy basis, to embrace diligence, strength of mind, courage, friendship, companionship, respect, achievement, happiness...

The human aspect

It is important that the pupils understand physical activity from the human standpoint, so that they can develop this knowledge throughout their personal growth and apply it to every sphere of life.

All age groups

We offer various sporting disciplines in which these aptitudes are developed: indoor football, volleyball, basketball, judo, dance and swimming. They are distributed over various categories, beginning with the very youngest that are starting sport for the first time up to the oldest at the School who also participate. They all compete in the tournaments that are held in the city, some even taking part in national events.


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Times and prices

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Calendar and Results

If you would like to find out about the calendar of the games and the results achieved by our teams, please contact us via the web of the Consell de l'Esport Escolar de Barcelona, the Barcelona School Sports Council.

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