In order to get to know the educational project and visit the facilities, we attend to the families through a personal interview.

If you wish to pre-register your children, you must leave the following documentation at the Secretary’s Office, as established by the Departament d’Ensenyament:

Basic documentation for all students (P1-2º Bachillerato).

Family form for internal use with the student’s personal and family data and 2 passport photos of the student and 1 of the father and 1 of the mother.
Two photocopies of the student’s ID card (compulsory from 14 years of age) and a photocopy of the father’s and mother’s ID cards.
A photocopy of the family book (all the written pages must be photocopied from the first one). Two photocopies of the page where the student appears.
A photocopy of the vaccination card or medical certificate. It does not need to be official unless the student is exempt from physical education for the entire course.
Photocopy of grades or reports from the previous school.
Bank and school services form. On the days corresponding to the official registration, the school administration will be given the bank details for the direct debit of the bills with the chosen services: half board, bus, etc.
Authorization form and letter of educational commitment.

Students from P-3 to 4º ESO

In addition to the basic documentation, they have to provide the following documents

Official pre-enrollment form

For the courses of the concerted levels, P-3 to 4th of ESO, the official pre-enrollment form will be provided by the school and they will have to accept the rules stipulated by the Department of Education.

Baccalaureate students

In addition to the basic documentation, they must provide

  • Secondary school graduation certificate.

The students of 1st and 2nd year of baccalaureate must present at the end of June the grades of 4th year of ESO and a photocopy of the application for the secondary school diploma.

  • Form to choose the modality

The student will have to choose the modality he/she wishes to take in the 1st and 2nd year of baccalaureate. If, for justified reasons, the student has to change language or modality in the 2nd year of baccalaureate, he/she must request it to the Departament d’Enseyament.

Colegio Internacional, Trilingüe, Católico en Sarriá. Guardería Barcelona. Escuela Infantil.