Pre school Colegio Concertado Barcelona

Our students enjoy a personalised and unforgettable experience, fostering their creativity and desire to learn

Our youngest students enjoy a personalised and unforgettable experience in a safe and inspiring environment, fostering their creativity and desire to learn.

In this way, they discover the great potential that lies within them and begin to work on the skills and values that will get them ready to face the world in the future, developing relationship skills, communication skills and learning how to work with others.

Our formation focuses on the student as protagonist and a process of experiential learning. In an environment of play adapted to the needs of each one, we accompany our Pre-school students through their integral development. We guide them towards learning and developing intellectual and emotional skills, as well as virtues and values that will stay with them their whole life.

We want our students to feel confident in using a third language, which is why we develop all our ideas and programmes in three languages: English, Spanish and Catalan.

To guarantee teaching success, we use active learning methods and programmes based on:

  • Virtues and Emotional Education Programme: Getting to know one’s own emotions and reading those of others, developing an ability for self-control, empathy and significant values for each age group through games and dynamics.
  • Learning projects, experiments, games and scenarios: Introducing them to cooperative learning, taking on work roles that will help them develop skills in every area of development.
  • English language: From their first year at school, they are introduced to the English language through our immersion system using natural methods and play. English is a vehicular language for various fields of learning, as well as for everyday activities in their daily lives.
  • Technology and programming: We encourage the use of technologies as just another learning resource, introducing its use in a responsible way and developing the basis for programming and digital thought.
  • Scientific method and problem-based learning: The development of motor and cognitive skills. Observation, approaching the problem, formulating hypotheses, experimentation, data analysis and conclusions offered by each student; these are the fundamental steps towards significant learning.
  • Neuromotor Programme – Early Basic Programme: Through motion, rocking, movement, balance and brachiation exercises, they develop neuronal connections that will make future learning much easier, will help them develop the skills needed for reading and writing, and will o
  • Sensory stimulation: using artistic installations and sensory experiences in which they explore concepts and build new learning experiences through the five senses.

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Pre school Colegio Concertado Barcelona


Education project In Pre-school Education

We foster the cognitive, physical and emotional stimulation of students, committing to the active acquisition and assimilation of knowledge. We use various pedagogical methods to this end:

  • Project-based learning: they develop a capacity to ask questions, they experience the search for and analysis of information, they learn to plan activities and time, they theorise, analyse, synthesise, compare, present…
  • Cooperative learning: We encourage participation by students in small groups through roles that set them a challenge while working towards a common objective.
  • Experiments based on the scientific method
  • Learning scenarios
  • Games
  • Problem-based learning

Personalised environment of play

We encourage the acquisition of habits and the development of creativity in an atmosphere of learning, by boosting the integral development of our students. We prioritise knowledge of each student and personalised accompaniment for them with work sessions and spaces in small groups supported by a team of psychologists and speech therapists that enable each student to be accompanied towards maximising their capacity.

Pre school Colegio Concertado Barcelona Pre school Colegio Concertado Barcelona

Fields of learning

Educational activities are complemented by the application of programmes that work on basic skills at each age, such as:

  • Logical mathematical intelligence through manipulative mathematics.
  • Language development in three languages.
  • Musical expression and art, learning to appreciate the work of great artists, discovering their techniques and adapting them as a means of expression and development for their own creativity.

Pre school Colegio Concertado Barcelona Pre school Colegio Concertado Barcelona

Enriched programme

We offer other programmes that help to develop the potential of each student through early stimulation activities (neuromotor programme, psychomotor education) and sensory stimulation activities (artistic installations and sensory experiences)

Swimming is an option that we offer during school hours to help our students develop physically while also working on physical coordination with exercises in the water, making them feel safe and enhancing their development.

Pre school Colegio Concertado Barcelona


Catholic Formation

  • We want every student at our school to have the experience of being loved by Christ and to discover that they will always be accompanied and loved by Him in every aspect of their daily lives.
  • At each weekly religion session with their specialist, they will learn songs and prayers suitable for each age group.
  • We want to accompany them in their formation as integral people. Having found a friend in Jesus and the path to happiness He offers them, our goal is for them to want to live the Christian values and the Catholic faith.

Pre school Colegio Concertado Barcelona Pre school Colegio Concertado Barcelona

Emotional education

Through our Emotional Education Programme, we help our students to identify emotions, get to know and trust themselves, understand others, recognise and express their emotions and ideas, develop self-control, learn to take responsible decisions, value and look after their health, and improve their social skills. All this takes place in complete harmony with the programme, as well as the weekly sessions in each language.

Family and school working together

Aware that parents are the first and foremost educators of their children and have nothing but their best interests at heart, we are committed to working closely with parents as co-educators.

Pre school Colegio Concertado Barcelona


International Formation

In an atmosphere of linguistic immersion in English and with native speakers and/or bilingual teachers, daily schooling is based on experimentation through play as this is the situation in which we achieve maximum effectiveness in the acquisition of new knowledge and oral production in a different language.

We are committed to a curriculum that guarantees our students acquire skills by fostering critical thought and experiential learning while discovering the Anglo-Saxon culture and traditions.

We have native or bilingual support staff to help the English-speaking teacher in the classroom. They work in small groups to encourage the development of spoken language, improve oral comprehension and expression, pronunciation and phonetics in a more personalised way through play, theatre and other activities.

In P4 or P5, our students will have an English-speaking tutor with whom they will establish a close bond and who will encourage them to use English.

Our English-speaking teachers give lessons in learning areas such as Science, Motor Skills, English and Music, and use English with the students in the classrooms, playgrounds, canteens, corridors, entrances and exits in order to guarantee an atmosphere of linguistic immersion that transforms English into a functional language and encourages our students to develop their English skills.

Pre school Colegio Concertado Barcelona


Virtues Programme

We form the willpower and emotions of our pupils through the acquisition of virtues, which we work on via formative campaigns and activities in the classroom that are adapted to each year group.

Solidary Santa Isabel

We want each student to appreciate what they have received and to discover that they also have a role to play in society. From an early age, they take part in social action campaigns to discover, through donating to others, a path towards improving the world around us and personal fulfilment.

Education for love

We seek to help our children to mature according to their age and place love above all else, so they learn to respect and value others and themselves, thereby building sincere and significant relationships with those around them.

Pre school Colegio Concertado Barcelona

Looking after the Environment

We work towards ensuring that our students are responsible in looking after the environment. We create opportunities for each student to reflect and take part in initiatives aimed at caring for and conserving the environment.


Competent students for the digital age and technology

 Why digital competency in Pre-school?

We wish to awaken the correct use of technology, as well as computational and creative thought. We propose a series of activities that motivate and encourage innovation in our students so they may be capable of tackling complex problems, understanding them and developing the most suitable solutions.

Digital tools and programmes

Using Beebots for robotics in various areas, we introduce our students to working on the skills needed for programming and the development of computational thought.

To develop these skills, we also use other digital tools such as Smart Boards and digital microscopes.

Pre school Colegio Concertado Barcelona

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