Primary Colegio Concertado Barcelona

We provide each student with the necessary tools to develop their full potential, talents and autonomy in an ever-changing world.

We foster a curiosity and motivation to learn in our students through a personalised programme based on active learning and comprehension methods with a trilingual linguistic project.

We work to ensure that our students develop the skills and abilities needed to lay the foundations that will prepare them for the move up to Secondary:

  • Creativity
  • Active learning methods
  • Teamwork
  • Critical thought
  • Emotional education and school mediation programmes (tutoring among equals)
  • International formation
  • Technology, robotics and programming

In this way, our students apply all the concepts learned in class to their daily life while encouraging reasoned thought aimed at problem-solving.

 Excellent teachers, experts and innovators in the subject get involved in the formation of their students and work as a team to guarantee integral formation. They are all dedicated to guiding their students throughout their learning process.

Primary Colegio Concertado Barcelona

Outstanding Students

Mathematical competency: Logical-mathematical learning

Our students learn mathematics in a way that is adapted to reality using the logical-deductive and creative method. Harnessing the learning ability of students at these ages, we work on all mathematical concepts using play, experiential and manipulative methods. We give our students the essential basis for acquiring knowledge in all other academic areas.

Linguistic competency: spoken and written communication

We form our students in the art of communication (spoken and written).

Besides the work done every day in language lessons, we include a reading project to strengthen and enhance a taste for reading and to further develop reading comprehension as an essential tool for learning in all other areas.

Primary Colegio Concertado Barcelona

Active learning and comprehension methods

One of our goals is for our students to acquire essential social concepts, skills and competencies through teamwork.

For that reason, they work together in order to maximise both their own learning and that of those around them. These methods include:

  • Cooperative work: Our students work cooperatively in an interdisciplinary manner to build knowledge and develop social and communication skills, becoming capable of working together to achieve greater autonomy and involvement in their learning process.
  • Project/ABP-based work combined with individual work: We focus on research, problem-solving, reflection and active cooperation during project-based exercises in all subjects but especially in Science. This approach to work fosters understanding and motivation in our students while connecting the learning process to situations in real life. A proper combination of this kind of work with individual exercises enhances the academic training of RMSI students.

Thinking strategies: routines and skills

At this stage, we work across the board on thinking skills and routines, as well as metacognition strategies that help to obtain a genuine understanding of knowledge and to develop critical thought.

We focus on:

  • The ability to reason and think logically
  • The analysis and assessment of situations
  • Decision-making based on prior analysis
  • Taking action on an informed basis

All this requires self-knowledge, motivation, autonomy and initiative from each student. And by practising these skills frequently and flexibly, they eventually become a natural way of thinking and produce pupils who are more reflexive and metacognitive.

Art, music and culture

The musical education of our Primary students fosters creativity and enhances their talent. We focus on dance, choral singing and learning an instrument. We take part in musical dance and singing events of a municipal nature. We have an extra-curricular choir.

Furthermore, through inter-disciplinary projects, we include cultural and artistic content that allows our pupils to express themselves and boost their creativity. We organise various artistic appreciation workshops as part of our cultural outings to enrich curricular learning.

Primary Colegio Concertado Barcelona

Global Students

International Formation

At this stage, we teach 33% of all subjects in English: “English” itself is joined by “Art, “Social Science”, “Natural Science”, Computer Science and “Physical Education” from the 4th year of Primary.

We also have teachers who have taught English language in countries around Europe and America with extensive experience in various methods that help to prepare students in the proper use of a foreign language.

As a result, when our students finish this stage, they will have gained a level of understanding and expression appropriate for their age and will start getting ready for the Cambridge Language Assessment (A2/B1) exams.

Our OAK academies overseas also provide our students with the opportunity to enjoy a term exchange, an annual exchange or a summer camp in the USA, Ireland or Switzerland.

Primary Colegio Concertado Barcelona

Accompanied Students

Tutorial Action Plan

Alongside the guidance department, our tutors develop a plan that guarantees personalised education and is focused on accompanying the pupil, guiding them on their learning journey and supporting their integral development.

Primary Colegio Concertado Barcelona

Emotional education and school mediation programmes

Using various emotional education dynamics, we work on the formation of emotional conscience, self-esteem, empathy and assertiveness. The ultimate goal of this programme is to develop the socio-emotional skills that our students will need to succeed in society, relate with those around them, control these emotions to prevent risk behaviour and gain the ability to deal with problematic situations.

During the weekly group tutorial sessions, we work on aspects of personal development in our students with support from the tutor and the integral formation department.

This programme is based on getting to know our own emotions, identifying emotions in others, channelling those emotions and encouraging empathy. This means our pupils:

  • Develop an ability to control their own emotions
  • Gain increased emotional competence
  • Get to know themselves better
  • Learn to identify emotions in others
  • Prevent the harmful effects of negative emotions
  • Develop an ability to generate positive emotions and motivate themselves
  • Adopt a positive attitude to life

Christian life and Spiritual accompaniment

The religious formation at our school seeks to ensure that our students enjoy the experience of being loved by God in their lives and for that experience to help them build a friendship with Him. This will lead them to live their faith freely, consistently and joyfully, spreading the love they have already experienced themselves to others.

We live the following of Christ with joy, accompanying them in Christian life. Besides our religion classes and other pastoral activities, we have chaplains and consecrated staff for each stage.

We offer:

  • Mass on the first Friday of every month (from the 4th year of Primary onwards).
  • Preparation and experience of worship: Christmas, Easter, Month of May.
  • Spiritual accompaniment for those students who want it.
  • Catechesis for First Communion.
  • Daily communion for those students who want it.
  • Confession for those students who want it.
  • Club Net. Club Faro and Alpes.
  • Family mass (Sunday at 11:30) and youth mass (Sunday at 20:00).

Parenting school

Our mentoring programme for parents organises sessions with excellent professionals to discuss key education topics for each age group in which parents may be interested or concerned about, as well as to create a meeting point for group reflection on the task of educating their children and other current affairs.

Primary Colegio Concertado Barcelona

Committed Students

Our goal is for students to lay the groundwork for the formation of a mature personality: for them to know the virtues and be willing to live them enthusiastically, as Christ did, their great friend.

Virtues Programme

We form the willpower and emotions of our pupils through the acquisition of virtues, which we work on via formative campaigns and activities in the classroom that are adapted to each year group. We focus on a series of virtues that we consider essential to their development, which they work on during the tutorial action programme throughout Primary: order, friendship, respect, generosity, effort, obedience, strength, responsibility, gratitude, sincerity, happiness and humility.

Formative Discipline

Through formative discipline, our educators work to help children discover the values that lead to rules in everyday life so they can act through self-conviction and not the mere imposition of those rules by others. This allows students to gain an understanding of the meaning and importance of respect and follow the rules to forge harmony at school.

Education for love

Through the “Let’s Learn to Love” content and methodology, we educate our pupils in that which lies at the heart of our condition as people: our ability to love. Along a gradual path that is adapted to each age group, we accompany them on the discovery of true value and meaning in their body, affection and sexuality.

Digital Students

Technology, Robotics, Programming and Natural Science

The learning of Natural Science content is combined at this stage with the application of that knowledge to meet certain needs and solve problems.

Through these activities, our students learn to:

  • Use technology devices in everyday life and therefore gain a basic knowledge of how they work, as well as how to maintain and use them in order to minimise usage risks and environmental impact
  • Analyse technological systems of an industrial nature and assess the personal and social advantages
  • Design and construct simple technological devices that solve a problem, as well as to assess the suitability of the result

Robotics and programming

From the 4th year of Primary, one hour of lessons a week is dedicated to:

  • Robotics: in which students imagine, design, program and build robots while dealing with components from this automatic environment (motors, sensors, etc.)
  • Programming: in which our students further develop their skills in building algorithms and learn their languages to thus:
  • Learn to think and to bring thought into the real world
  • Solve problems and make decisions
  • Develop their creativity
  • Strengthen personal responsibility and the ability to work in a team
  • Learn to accept mistakes as a source of learning

Primary Colegio Concertado Barcelona

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