Services Colegio Concertado Barcelona


You can find the information about the services for the next year will in this Genially.

Important information for each stage by year (calendar, list of books, school material, uniforms…).

Curricular Activities


The canteen service is available for pupils, teachers and staff of the school. The company responsible is Aramark, which cooks on our premises.

Aramark offers families a new application for mobile devices and tablets: “El gusto de crecer”. The aim of this app is to provide families with nutritional information to encourage good nutritional habits among children, as well as to access an additional service for help and queries related to their children’s diet to ensure that it is balanced and to follow the nutritional recommendations proposed by Aramark according to the World Health Organisation.

Moreover, through its website, they can also download the menu of the month, which will be updated automatically.

Services Colegio Concertado Barcelona


The school offers a nursery service in the P1A classroom from 8h to 8h45 and from 17h to 18h.

This year the service is offered from P1 onwards for students signed up through the form.


The school offers swimming lessons during school hours for pupils from P3 to P5. It is a unique opportunity to lose the fear of water and swim safely from an early age.

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