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Curricular activities


The canteen service is available to the School’s pupils, teachers and personnel. The provider of this service is the company Aramark. Aramark offers the families a website on which they can find specific recommendations for suppers and nutritional information endorsed by their medical committee, in addition to an informative table regarding the overall amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats consumed as well as weekly calorific values.

This website also includes the menu of the month that is automatically updated.

Services Colegio Concertado Barcelona


Las familias tienen a su disposición el servicio de autocar tanto para traer como para recoger a los alumnos del Colegio. Para consultas sobre la ruta contactar con


El Colegio ofrece un servicio de guardería en el aula de P1A de 8h a 8h45 y de 17h a 18h.


El Colegio ofrece a los alumnos de P3 a P5 clases de natación en horario escolar. Es una oportunidad única para perder el miedo al agua y nadar con seguridad desde pequeños.

Extracurricular activites

The Extra-curricular Activities aim to complement the academic formation, instilling values inherent to our educational centre and promoting the acquisition of specific skills

Person responsible

Prof. María Cinta Puchulutegui

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Note: : A minimum of 10 registrations are required for the group to take place

Services Colegio Concertado Barcelona