Summer Camp Colegio Concertado Barcelona


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Important information for each stage by year (calendar, list of books, school material, uniforms…).

Summer Camp

Our institution organises various activities in the summer: the RMSI Summer Camp at the school and the national and international camps; a way to learn, have fun and be educated while enjoying the holidays in a caring environment.

RMSI Summer Camp

For more information on the RMSI Summer Camp (at our facilities), please click here.

OAK Camps

For more information on national and international camps, click here.

Summer Camp Colegio Concertado Barcelona

RC Camps

Summer Camp Colegio Concertado Barcelona

We have a complete summer of camps, unforgettable experiences in an ideal environment of formation and accompaniment that you are looking to give your children.

Reial Monestir de Santa Isabel, through CampamentosRC, offers a complete range of camps for boys and girls organized by ages and themes that allow your children to learn, have fun, and form themselves while enjoying their vacation.

Every year Regnum Christi in Spain updates all the information about the camps it organizes through its schools and its youth clubs, as well as options to participate in missions aimed at young people over 16 years of age.

Catholic atmosphere, healthy friendships, safe environments

Regnum Christi camps offer healthy activities and safe environments. They are a vital experience that help our students grow in maturity, responsibility and freedom. They learn to enjoy themselves, to engage with others, and forge healthy friendships.

Personal accompaniment of formators and counselors

Your children will have in these camps the personal accompaniment of formators and counselors seek to attend and care for each child. RC Camps are a support for your children to achieve the best version of themselves in the time of rest and relaxation of summer vacation.

Contact persons for any changes, needs, doubts:

Colegio Internacional, Trilingüe, Católico en Sarriá. Guardería Barcelona. Escuela Infantil.