Summer Homework Colegio Concertado Barcelona

Summer Homework

With the arrival of summer it is very important that your children do not stop practising for a while every day the subjects that will help them to start the next school year on the right foot.

To do this, the teachers have looked for activities for each subject in which the main focus is on competence work, that is, putting into practice everything that has been worked on during the course. These are activities with which we want to promote all the skills we are looking for in our students, and all of this in a practical and motivating way, far from the systematic worksheets of the old summer workbooks.

For this we propose the following work plan:

– Your children will start their homework the week of 6th July, and will finish it the week of 24th August, so that they will have a few days to rest after finishing school, and before starting the new school year.

– Each week they will work on one activity from each subject. We recommend that you establish a fixed order, as follows:

Summer Homework Colegio Concertado Barcelona

MONDAY: Mathematics
TUESDAY: Catalan

This will allow them to rest on Fridays and weekends. What’s more, each activity will take no more than 30 minutes. If they do them in the morning, before the beach or the day’s activity, there are still many hours left to enjoy!

Finally, don’t forget to dedicate some time each day to reading – we recommend that your children choose a book they like! Here are some suggested titles.

During the first days of September, homework will be collected by the tutors.

Below you will find the homework sorted by year and subject:

Summer Homework

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