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Enjoying the Dual Baccalaureate

The Dual Baccalaureate is the diploma that certifies the obtaining of two degrees simultaneously: the Spanish baccalaureate and the American baccalaureate (High School Diploma). The students who study it combine their face-to-face studies at school with the weekly online work at an American virtual university through its educational platform. Our school offers the opportunity for students from 3º ESO onwards to study the programme and graduate in 2º Bachillerato.

Santa Isabel has been involved with this Bachillerato Dual programme through the affiliate company Language Kingdom for three years and currently has 27 students signed up to the programme. Students study English language, literature, world history and American history, as well as economics and American government over the course of the programme in order to obtain their American High School Diploma. The course requires the students to work independently online from home every week, carrying out projects, assessments, exercises and activities in order to obtain their grades. Each week, the students have a meeting with their mentor at the school to evaluate their progress and give feedback on their experience. The course not only ensures that the students gain fluency in the language, but also encourages the students to gain skills in areas such as time management and personal organisation, as well as helping them to be more responsible and autonomous learners.

The Bachillerato Dual Programme has received extremely positive feedback from the students who are currently signed up and working towards their Diploma and the results achieved have been excellent on the whole. Well done everyone!