US High School Diploma

US High School Diploma Colegio Concertado BarcelonaThis week we are extremely pleased to welcome 13 new 3rd ESO students to the American High School Diploma. These students join a group 11 students from 4th ESO who started the Bachillerato Dual last year. This is just the second year our school has offered the programme, but the feedback we have received so far has been outstanding. Students have reported improving their fluency and accuracy in English, discovering more about American culture and learning how to organise their time effectively and efficiently.

All this helps students to begin preparing for the Spanish bachillerato and gives them an advantage when applying for universities. The programme is 100% online, helping prepare students for the digital world and the workplace of the future. This also requires the students to demonstrate self-discipline and conscientiousness, both qualities that are indispensable for lifelong success. The programme is innovative and engaging for students, so we hope that this year proves to be as fruitful as the last and it continues to grow.